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February 21, 2021  

The Troubles: Ireland and the UK (Part One)

February 21, 2021

The Troubles, Ireland and the UK (Part One)

Henry VIII - 1963

Today’s guest is Paddy. We discuss his native land in this fascinating topic.

I have been to Belfast in recent years: I also grew up watching from England the extraordinary news coverage in the 80s & 90s of the troubles in Northern Ireland. It was also portrayed via the British / English media as very one dimensional. This is the first time ever I get to talk to someone who was there and the history behind it.

Belfast that I saw on TV back then is very different to the Belfast that I went to on a city break in the last few years.

Or maybe it’s not and the British media got it wrong?

Catholics and Protestant, unionists and republicans blend into a merge of really unsettled times that are now dubbed “the troubles”

Still to this day the peace wall remains: currently it’s gates are open for people to freely pass through, however they have not been removed entirely just in case the peace treaty breaks down and they need to be closed once more for the safety of the Belfast citizens.

I absolutely loved Belfast and I hope you all enjoy this episode.

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